Institute of Cotton

The Institute of Cotton Research at Shanxi Agricultural University was originally founded in 1948 as Jinan Farm. In 1978, it was renamed as the Institute of Cotton Research of the Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In October 2019, the Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Shanxi Agricultural University jointly merged to establish a new Shanxi Agricultural University, and thus the Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Cotton Research was renamed to the Shanxi Agricultural University Institute of Cotton Research.

As the only comprehensive agricultural research institution of Shanxi Agricultural University stationed in Shanxi Agricultural University, the Institute of Cotton Research takes agricultural application and fundamental research as its main objectives, covering crop resource innovation and breeding new varieties breeding of cotton, wheat, maize, oil sunflowers, rapeseed, sweet potato, edible fungi, fruit trees, vegetables, Chinese medicinal herbs, etc. At the same time, it also is conducting research studies on plant cultivation, plant protection, agricultural products processing, genetic engineering, plant detoxification, rapid propagation technology, etc. as well as demonstration and popularization of new technology and new products and its industrialization service. In addition to the above mentioned objectives, the Institute of Cotton Research undertakes the instruction and training of undergraduate and graduate students, carries out social services such as technology consultation and technology services, etc., and cooperates with other scientific research academies, universities, local government, key agricultural enterprises, and so on to conduct scientific research, base construction work, and talent cultivation.

Currently, there are 229 staff members in the institute, including 17 research fellows, 59 associate research fellows, 58 assistant research fellows, 17 Ph.D. degrees, 53 master’s degrees, and 122 graduates. In which, 1 who has been awarded a special government stipend, 5 have been awarded as academic and technological leaders of Shanxi Province, 6 as Top-Notch Backbone Talents of Shanxi Province, and 1 as the Excellent Youth Talent of Shanxi Province. The institute owns 5 experimental bases: The Institute Farm, Yangbao Farm, Nanhua Farm, Shuitou Farm and Yuzhuang Farm, encompassing a total area of 100 ha (1500mu).

The Institute is dedicated to building comprehensive experimental stations with modern comprehensive agricultural industrial technology systems for the national cotton, sweet potato, and Chinese traditional medicine industries, including the construction of the comprehensive Yuncheng Mountain Yam Experimental Station. There are 4 Yuncheng City Key Laboratory listed, including the Yuncheng City Key Laboratory of Oil Crops, the Yuncheng City Key Laboratory of Germplasm Innovation, and the Yuncheng City Key Laboratory Virus-Free Sweet Potato Application, etc. There is also a Variety Improvement and Engineering Technology R&D Centre of Shanxi Fruit, cotton, and other crops germplasm resources bank in the institute.

There are 6 administrative service departments such as Party Affairs and Administration Office, Personnel Office and Scientific Research Office, and more. There are 15 scientific research departments such as the Biotechnology Laboratory, Cotton Genetics and Breeding Division, Wheat Genetics and Breeding Division, Maize Genetic Breeding Research Division, and so on.

Since the foundation of the institute, generations of cotton institute scientists and technicians have adhered to the concept of “Technological Innovation, Serving Both Local and the Present”, forging ahead and moving forward. There have been 378 achievements in scientific research, among which 195 are awarded; 2 national first-place prizes, 3 second-place prizes, 2 third-place prizes; 21 provincial or ministry first-place prizes, and 70 second-place prizes. 152 patents are granted by the state, and 2142 academic papers and 16 scholarly monographs have been published. 148 new varieties of crops including wheat, maize, sunflower, sweet potato, rapeseed, squash, etc. have been approved and registered and popularized to the province and even to the whole country, totaling up to 300 million mu (20 million ha.) Obtaining great social and economic benefits have provided profound and solid support to Shanxi and the whole nation’s agricultural development.

In 1998, the Institute of Cotton Research was honored with “Model Collective” title granted by both the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Shanxi Provincial Government. In 2003, it was honored with the May Day Labor Award granted by Shanxi Provincial Labor Competition Committee, and has been awarded the title of ”Model Research Institute” for 16 consecutive years running. In 2011 and 2012, it was honored with the title of “Advanced Unit of Serving Agriculture, the Countryside and Farmer” granted by both Yuncheng City Party Committee and Yuncheng City Government. In 2012 -2013, the “Civilized Unit” title was granted by Yuncheng City. In 2014 and 2009, it was honored with “Shanxi Provincial Civilized Unit” and “Shanxi Provincial Civilized Model Unit” titles, respectively.

The motto of the Institute of Cotton Research is “Rich in Knowledge and Tenacious of purpose, Seeking for Truth and Innovation”. The Institute of Cotton Research of Shanxi Agricultural University will focus on one of the three great provincial agricultural strategies of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Shanxi Provincial Government i.e. Yuncheng agricultural products export platform strategy, adapt to the needs of modern agricultures “Convert the Modes, Adjust the Structure, Promote Green”, enhance scientific and technical innovation, and serve both “the local and the present”. It will give full play to the three functions of scientific and technological leadership, provide scientific and technological support and service, and strive to make precise efforts in deepening the structural reform of agricultural supply, implementing rural revitalization strategy and developing organic dry farming, and make greater contributions in serving the construction of Yuncheng agricultural products export platforms, enhancing the modern characteristics of agricultural development and accelerating the high-quality agricultural industrial development of Shanxi province.

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