College of Information Science and Engineering

The College of Information Science and Engineering at Shanxi Agricultural University, formerly known as the Department of Modern Educational Technology, was founded in 2000. It currently consists of six departments: Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Internet of Things(IoT) Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Robot Engineering, and Computer Basic Sciences. There are 61 faculty members in the college, including 3 professors, 7 associate professors and 10 with doctoral degrees. At present, the total enrollment of the college is about 1308 students, including 1262 undergraduate students and 46 master candidates.

The college offers two Masters degree programs in Electronic Information, Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology. There are 17 laboratories of various kinds, the total equipment of which is worth more than 24 million RMB. The college provides an excellent teaching environment and advanced teaching facilities. Relying on the discipline of smart agriculture systems engineering and Jinzhong National Agricultural High District (Shanxi Agricultural Valley), the college has established a complete engineering practice teaching system and a first rate teaching and research platform, and created a new highland for training talents in the field of smart agriculture in Shanxi.

The teaching and research team of the college consists of scholars and talents that are of reasonable age, with a balanced academic structure and a strong collective force. Many of them have furthered their studies in  foreign countries, including the USA, the UK, and Canada. In recent years, the faculty has undertaken more than 10 scientific research projects (National Natural Science Foundation, Provincial Natural Science Foundation), published more than 200 academic papers, presided a number of national and provincial educational reform projects, compiled more than 10 textbooks for the 12th Five-Year Plan and 13th Five-Year Plan, and won 6 ministerial and provincial awards.

There are five undergraduate majors in the college: Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Internet of Things(IoT) Engineering and Robot Engineering. Each year, 11 classes with more than 380 students are admitted. The college undertakes the teaching of basic computer sciences to all undergraduates at Shanxi Agricultural University. Guided by the student-centered idea, the college has established the tutorial management system, constructed a project-driven teaching system and competitive learning system. By continuously strengthening activities in scientific and technological innovation, the college has won more than 100 international, national and provincial awards in electronic design competitions, mathematical modeling competitions, computer program design competitions, and robotics competitions.

We have 2 doctoral supervisors and 11 master supervisors. Each year, more than 40 master candidates are recruited. The college rationally allocates resources, constantly consolidates and improves the construction of teaching platforms and graduate training mechanisms, and standardizes professional courses, course groups and teaching laboratories.

For years, the college has been persistently pursuing the goal of first-class teaching, first-class scientific research, first-class management and first-class service. Driven by this goal, the college has cultivated a large number of outstanding students who are excellent in both character and study, and have achieved remarkable results in all walks of life, making contributions to national and local economic development and social progress.

Adhering to the concept of connotative development and open education, the college focuses on the integration of industry and education, and carries out a collaborative education. With the systematic development serving China’s central and western regions and intelligent agricultural information processing technological systems, the college has collaborated with six high-tech enterprises, such as Oracle and Zhongke. Thus, a collaborative education model with the characteristic of internationalization has been formed, which features the integration of professionalism, discipline and enterprise.

The college has an educational philosophy which emphasizes the promotion of  new agriculture by new engineering, the synchronization of teaching with scientific research, the interaction between teaching and education, and the perfect complement of attracting talented faculties and cultivation of high-quality students. The college is famous for its rigorous teaching, scientific management, high talent-training quality and broad employment prospects. As a high-level research-application-oriented institute with notable regional characteristics, it has made outstanding contributions to the reform of Shanxi Agricultural University.

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