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A Grand Opening Ceremony for 2022 Entrants

Sep 28, 2022

The ceremony held at sports ground

In the golden autumn, aimed in fragrances of osmanthus, on the morning of September 28th, a grand opening ceremony for 2022 entrants has been held at sports ground on Taigu Campus. The entrants are infusion of new energy into school, which usher a new chapter of SXAU. Deputy Secretary and President of SXAU, Zhang Qiang delivered a keynote speech titled “Endeavor to Be a SXAU’er and Live Up to the Expectations of the Times”. He encourages the entrants to set themselves lofty ideals, conduct themselves with moral integrity, work hard and forge ahead boldly, persevere in spite of all difficulties, uphold the values of kindness, uprightness, and goodness and make every possible effort to promote truth and spread positive energy. Dr. Shao Genhuo, representative of school-enterprise cooperation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Da Bei Nong Group, Dr. Zhao Yarong, alumni enrolled in 1978 in Veterinary Medicine Department (College of Veterinary Medicine predecessor), Senior Vice President of the Da Bei Nong Group have been invited to the ceremony. Member of the Standing Committee and Vice President of SXAU, Li Weixiang hosted the ceremony.

Opening performance by SXAU Students Art Troupe

After the warm-upperformances, the ceremonybegins solemnly withnational flagrising during the national anthem.

President Zhang Qiang is delivering speech

On behalf of SXAU, President ZhangQiang extended welcome to every entrant and thanks to their teachers and parents. He welcomed the entrantsfrom all over the country gathering in SXAU, a university with profound history and rich cultural heritage. As an infusion of new energy into school, they are bound to, shoulder to shoulder with SXAU, set sail together, ride the wind, break the waves,and embark ona new journey.It is asecond to none choice to study and practice agriculture here and a grand stage on which young people can enjoy bright prospects and accomplish great things.

Hepoints out agriculture is an industry with promising future and SXAU is a fertile ground for making dream come true. He hopes that students can combine their own aims with realizing the Chinese Dream and progress of our provincial agriculture development, featuring “characteristic” and “premium”. When students share weal and woe with the people, country as well as the times, they are bound to fulfill themselves and refine their tastes. Students should study hard, practice more andtake academician such as Gao Fuas an example.During college life,studentsshouldtake hardworking, self-discipline, capacity building as their pursuing, life style and responsibility. Students should be brave to practice, innovate and make breakthrough, which will lay a solid foundation for their further development. Each student should leverage wisdom, inherit virtues from progenitors, carry forward the challenging spirit of entrepreneurs, begin with trivial details, stand adversity,firm up ideals and convictions so as to be a pillar of society. Students should be positive and kind aiming to tell right from wrong in the tide of times, keep noble personality, pursue the core socialist values, follow the right path, value kindness, goodness, and beauty, contribute to society until make every possible effort to promote truth and spread positive energy.

At last,Zhang Qiang emphasized that the era calls on youth to create future. Let’s start from now on, as a SXAUer, to chase your dream. The upcoming 20th CPC National Congress will definitely draw the blueprint for China's future development to achieve its second centenary goal of building a modern socialist country in all respects. Wish everyone live up to the expectations of the times, seize the day and live it to the fullest.

Academician Zhang Fusuo is sending words to entrants

Chen Ying is sending words to entrants

Zhang Suofu, Academic Dean of College of Agriculture, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chen Ying, Honorary Fellowship ofInstitute of Industrial Crop, famous expert on millet breeding, winner of the first “Talents with Outstanding Contribution to Shanxi” sent their words to entrants via video link.

Shao Genhuo encourages entrants todevoteto modern agriculture

Shao Genhuo, on behalf of enterprise partners, extended heartfelt thanks to SXAU for pushing forward agribusiness and shared his working experiences with a speech titled “Study Hard and Devote to Modern Agriculture”. He said that agriculture in China is more industrialized and internationalized and dependent on internet and bio-technology during the progress of the Chinese nation rejuvenation, thus, China is doomed to be a country with leading agriculture rather than large agriculture,and agriculture is doomed to be a promising industry. He encouraged students to seize the time and the opportunity to study and contribute to realize Chinese dream ofagriculture.

Representatives of faculty and students are delivering speeches

When talked about the study in university, Huo Nairui,the representative of faculty, a teacher from College of Veterinary Medicine,winner ofthe silveraward oftheNationalTeachingInnovation Contestfor College Teachers,said the studentsshould require great wisdomwith great vision, cultivatecapacity on all fronts, cherisheach chancefor study as well aspractice,enjoythe brain stormin class,take the learning as thetop priority, grasp theirfate into their own hands. She alsohopedstudents to earn precious memory on campus and a brightfuturethrough painstaking efforts.

Li Binghui, Executive Chairman of the Student Union, as the representative of the students, shared his feelings and experience of college life. He hoped that everyone should stay true to their original aspiration, endeavor to be a student of lofty ideals, keep forward and work hard, improvephysical and moral qualities and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Zhang Ruwei, a representative of graduate students, said that it is honor to meet everyone here to witness this grand and profound school. She wished the entrants can work hard and live up to their dreams and future when they are young and in their prime,.

Bian Jiachen, a representative of undergraduates, said that students should focus on study and take diligent learning as the driving force for their life. He hoped that each student can be brave to practice, apply what you have learned, broaden the path of growth, improve yourself amid in diverse environment, strive for ideals and writing a wonderful chapter of the country, the people and yourself.

Chen Liru is singing

At the end of the ceremony, young soprano Chen Liru sang a song of "on the Field of Hope". The opening ceremony is concluded with a song of “"Ode to the Motherland” by collective chorus.

Ceremony scene

Leaders of the university, staff of all departments and colleges, representatives of teachers and students, freshmen and first year master students attended the ceremony.

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