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Ministerial and Provincial Co-Innovation Center for Endemic Crops Production with High-quality and Efficiency in Loess Plateau

Jun 3, 2022

This center is established bases on the advantages of endemic crops in loess plateau region, orients towards the industry demand, and aims at developing the high-quality agriculture characterized by “endemic” and “excellent” on the Loess Plateau. The study areas of this center focus on the dryland farming water-saving and functional/food agricultures, and develops the technology to improve the quality and efficiency of endemic functional crops among the whole industry chain, and innovate the deeply integrated system with a “trinity” mode combined the talented people, subject, scientific research with the industrial development. There are 121 permanent researchers and 720 sets of large-scale sharing instruments and equipment. Our center undertakes many international cooperation, national key research and provincial major projects to meet the needs of regional scientific and technological innovation.

Dr. Baoluo Ma from the agriculture Canada visited this center


The agricultural expert professor Ronan from the Israeli visit this center


Key members of this center went to Sweden for academic exchanges


Academician Zhao Qiguo was giving a report


High yield record of quinoa collaborated with the Shanxi Jiaqi Quinoa development Co., LTD


High yield record of quinoa collaborated with the Shanxi Ruidfeng seed Industry



Part of the instruments and equipment

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