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Sorghum Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

Jun 3, 2022

The Sorghum Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance (SITISA) is a scientific research organization founded in April 2011 and managed by the Sorghum Research Institute of Shanxi Agricultural University. SITISA consists of 38 member institutions from Chinese liquor producers and Shanxi vinegar brewing companies, sorghum seed and feed production companies, farmers' plantation cooperatives, universities and research institutes.

The goal of SITISA is to build an innovative system of breeding strategies for high quality and specificity in sorghum, simple and efficient sorghum cultivation strategies, and high quality sorghum processing products. There are a range of research platforms, such as the China Sorghum Improvement Centre, the China Sorghum Industry Technology Research and Development Centre and the Shanxi Sorghum Engineering and Technology Research Centre in the SITISA. We sincerely hope that you can join us to solve the problems existing in the development of sorghum industry

The 1st China Sorghum Industry Symposium & Product Exhibition


Dr. Rafael Augusto da Costa Parrella from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Institute visited Shanxi Mature Vinegar Co


The members of SITIS visited Shanxi Mature Vinegar Co.


The members of SITIS visited Shanxi Fenjiu Co.


The members of SITIS visited Shanxi Fenjiu Co.


SITIS was awarded to organizations with a high activity index


Map of sorghum growing sites

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