Institute of Maize

Established in 1950,the Maize Research Institute of Shanxi Agricultural University  is a scientific research institution affiliated with Shanxi Agricultural University. After more than 70 years of construction and development, the Maize Research Institute has developed into a comprehensive professional research institute integrating research, development and extension that focuses on molecular biology, genetic breeding, farming and cultivation, and plant protection. Moreover, the Maize Research Institute is the supporting institution of the National Corn Industry Technology System’s Xinzhou Comprehensive Experimental Station, the National Plant Protection Xinzhou Observation Experimental Station, the Maize Research Institute sub-station of the Comprehensive Test Station of Crop Varieties of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in Central Shanxi province, the Xinzhou sub-center of the New Plant Variety Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Shanxi Corn Industry Technology System, and Shanxi Agricultural University’s Institute of Coarse Grains (a joint project of Shanxi Agricultural University and Xinzhou Municipal People's Government).

There are 124 employees, including 9 research fellows, 34 associate research fellows, 6 doctors, and 40 masters. It has more than 10,000 square meters of scientific research facilities, including laboratory buildings, seed testing rooms, hanging rooms, germplasm resource banks, an original seed bank, drying platforms, a greenhouse and open shed. It has 284 sets of scientific experimental instruments, such as microscopic imaging systems, optical near-infrared analyzers, and fluorescence real-time quantitative PCR instruments. The total land area for scientific research and experiment is 2350 mu, of which Tancun base covers 1,400 mu, Anyi Base covers 525 mu, and Wuzhai Base covers 425 mu.

Since its establishment, the Institute has undertaken 753 research tasks at national, provincial, municipal, collegial and other levels. The Institute has been awarded around 122 achievements which include the National Science Conference Award for "Jin 0-3 maize inbred line", third prize in the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology for "Development of high-yield crops mainly based on corn in alpine and cold regions", and first prize in the provincial Science and Technology Progress award for "Jindan 27 maize hybrid”. 28 other achievements include winning second prize in the provincial Science and Technology Progress award for "Breeding and utilization of Jinnuo 8 and other high-quality sweet or waxy maize series varieties". Five corn varieties including "Ruipu 909" and "Zhongdi 88" have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, 62 corn varieties (inbred lines) have been approved by the province, and 49 new varieties of sweet and waxy corn, sorghum, sweet potato, millet and lentil bean have been approved (recognized). Four invention patents such as "Corn Mulching Film Side Planter " have been authorized by the nation and more than 800 scientific papers have been published, 15 of which have been included in "SCI" and “EI" where 73 scientific translations of these papers were produced.

Alongside these achievements, the Maize Research Institute actively promotes exchanges and cooperation, scientific research achievements, and technical services. Through implementing national rural revitalization using the three principles of innovation, science and technology as well as the province's well-regarded agricultural revitalization strategy, the Institute is making significant contribution to the development of high-quality corn and coarse grain that ensures national food security.

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