Institute of Ecological Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Shanxi Agricultural UniversityEcological Agriculture and Animal HusbandryInstitute(preparation) was founded in Youyu County Experimental Farm in 1952, and was renamed Youyu County Agricultural Experiment Station in 1962 under Youyu County; in 1963, it was renamed Youyu Agricultural Experiment Stationunder the In Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences; in 1968, it belonged to the May 7th Cadre School of Youyu County; in 1978, it belonged to Youyu County Nursery; in 1978, it was renamedtheYouyu County Agricultural Experiment Station under Youyu County;In 1980, it was changed to Youyu Agricultural Experiment Station of Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, affiliated to Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences.In 2019, Shanxi Agricultural University and Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly established the new Shanxi Agricultural University Institute of Ecological Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (in preparation).

The Institute of Ecological Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (under preparation) of Shanxi Agricultural University is a research institution specializing in agricultural scientific research and experiments, breeding and promotion of virus-free potato varieties, promotion, exchange and training of other crop production technologies,and other related social services. Key research areas include: collection, conservation, innovation and utilization of germplasm resources,breeding of new varieties of small grains such as pea, millet, oat, potato, and buckwheat,research on supporting technologies, andresearch and application of new technologies and methods for crop breeding. The Ecological Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Research Institute (in preparation) is the affiliated unit of the Youyu Comprehensive Experiment Station of the National Oat and Buckwheat Industry System and the Youyu Comprehensive Experiment Station of the National Millet and Sorghum Industrial System. Our institute willmake full use ofthe geographical advantagesof the interlaced agricultural and animal husbandry belt of Yanmenguan, actively meet the needs of local development, build a demonstration area for high yield and efficiency of crops with regional characteristics, and strengthen applied research and achievement transformations.

There are 12 people in the whole institute: 10 professional and technical personnel, including 1 researcher, 2 associate researchers, 5 assistant researchers, 2 research interns, 1 manager, and 1 worker. One of them is the head of the Youyu Comprehensive Experiment Station of the National Oat and Buckwheat Industry System.

In total,our scientific research and experimental landencompasses1535 mu, the Shuozhou base is 500 mu, and the Youyu base is 535 mu (including 88.4 mu of experimental land outside the east gate of the old city of Youyu County).It includes1 cellar,agermplasm material bank, drying field,and other test facilities. The laboratory area is 600m2, includingagenetic breeding laboratory,asoil and fertilizer laboratory,agrain quality analysis laboratory, etc. There are 23 setsof scientific research instruments worthover10,000 yuan.

During the three years from 2019 to 2021, our institute has undertaken 2 national modern agricultural industrial technology system projects, agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation and demonstration and promotionalprojects, key projects of Shanxi provincial key research and development plans, and12 projects at all levels includingschool biological breeding projectswith anew research funding of 1.33 million yuan. Through the national modern agricultural industry technology system project,theagricultural industry development science and technology leading project,the"three districts" talent project, science and technology activity week,theagricultural science and technology achievement transformation and demonstration and promotion project,and so on,Yuxian County, Pianguan County and Kelan County of Xinzhou Cityhavecarried out technical services and training, targeted poverty alleviation, implemented the rural revitalization strategy, and trained 2,368 agricultural technicians, large planters, and cooperatives. 12 demonstration baseshave been builtfor oats and buckwheat. The scientific and technological assistance work has been widely praised by farmers, cooperatives and enterprises, and has been fully recognized by the society and highly affirmed by the local government. The transition to more efficient, high-quality,andsustainable agriculture hasreceived its merited acclaim.

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