College of Urban and Rural Construction

The College of Urban and Rural Construction of Shanxi Agricultural University was established in April 2014. It is composed of four majors: agricultural water conservancy engineering, urban planning (now urban and rural planning), civil engineering of the College of forestry, and building environment and energy engineering of the College of agricultural engineering.

At present, there are six departments: the Department of agricultural water conservancy engineering, the Department of civil engineering, the Department of urban and rural planning, the Department of landscape architecture, as well as the experimental teaching center and the urban and rural development planning center. At present, the college has 58 active faculty, including 2 professors, 9 associate professors and 17 with doctoral degrees. There is 1 senior expert contacted by Shanxi Provincial Working Committee of colleges and universities and Shanxi Provincial Department of education, 3 Jinnong rookies, 3 young talents selected in the Sanjin youth talent plan, and 1 school Huang Danian style teacher team. There are 1187 students in total, including 1125 undergraduates and 62 postgraduates (including 6 part-time postgraduates). It has obvious advantages in enrollment and employment of undergraduate and graduate students.

The college now offers four undergraduate majors: agricultural water conservancy engineering, civil engineering, urban and rural planning, and landscape architecture. Among them, agricultural water conservancy engineering is a first-class undergraduate major in Shanxi Province; it has a master's degree authorization point of the first-class discipline of landscape architecture and is jointly built with the discipline direction of agricultural biological environment and energy engineering under the authorization of the first-class discipline of agricultural engineering. As a school level research platform, the urban and rural development planning research center has a high professional standards and good accumulation of achievements in characteristic fields such as characteristic towns, rural revitalization, industrial parks, health care and elderly care, cultural tourism, agricultural ecology, renewal and transformation. The experimental teaching center has four kinds of laboratories: basic synthesis, water and soil engineering, urban and rural environment and planning and design, with a total area of more than 2400 square meters and more than 100 sets of instruments and equipment, with a total value of more than 6.3 million yuan. Combined with professional characteristics, it has cooperated with more than 10 enterprises and institutions to establish an off campus practical teaching base.

Since its establishment, the college has adhered to establishing morality, cultivating people and strengthening management; stable scale and connotation development; highlighting the characteristics, and paying attention to innovative ideas in school management, focusing on the needs of professionals in the field of urban and rural living environments and rural infrastructure construction projects, cultivating compound applied engineering and technical talents with both character and education, paying equal attention to knowledge and ability, and equal emphasis on developing both application and innovation. Outstanding achievements have been made in teaching staff, talent training, discipline construction, scientific research, and social services. It holds the vice chairman unit of the Civil Engineering Discipline Alliance of National Agricultural and Forestry colleges and the executive director unit of the Shanxi Water Conservancy Society.

It has edited one national planning textbook and more than 10 provincial teaching reform topics. the number of participants in innovation and entrepreneurship projects accounts for more than 50% of the total number of students. Undergraduates participated in more than 100 undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and have won more than 60 awards at all levels.

It has also presided over 5 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and more than 30 other national, provincial, and ministerial projects, with a total scientific research fund of nearly 10 million yuan. It has edited and participated in the compilation of more than 10 monographs and teaching materials, and published more than 200 scientific and technological papers, including more than 30 "three high" papers.

Li pingze, male, Party Secretary of the college, was born in November 1975. He is a member of the Communist Party of China. He has a Bachelor of Engineering and Masters of  Management. He began to work in July 1999 and comprehensively presided over the party affairs of the college.

Dean Duan Ximing, male, born in February 1967, independent. Dean, professor, and Doctor of Engineering, School of Urban and Rural construction, Shanxi Agricultural University, took part in the work in July 1989 and comprehensively presided over the administrative work of the college.

Feng Tao, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Academy, male, born in September 1983, member of the Communist Party of China, took part in work in September 2005. In charge of League education, publicity, United Front work, enrollment and employment, alumni, and discipline inspection.

Xu Xiaobo, vice president, male, born in September 1973, CPC member and senior engineer. In charge of daily administration, laboratory, scientific research, practice base, social service, safety, and trade union work.

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