College of Public Administration

The College of Public Administration of Shanxi Agricultural University is a high-quality development teaching unit, and it adheres to the original aspiration and founding mission of "cultivating talent for the Party and the State”. The college keeps up with the developmental pace of higher education in the new era, as well as reforms, innovations and spanning development. It has developed a new way to run and administer the college with advanced ideas, scientific management, rigorous scholarship and talent generation.

The College of Public Administration adheres to the fundamental task of "fostering virtue through education", inherits the school philosophy of " grassroots-based, focusing on agriculture, rural areas, and rural people, and serving the local society", and carries forward the spirit of the school motto of "virtue, perseverance, truth and action". It strives to build the grand ideological and political education and "three wide education" patterns, opens up the wonderful second classrooms for students, and creates a strong atmosphere for cultivating talents.

The college has three undergraduate majors: Administrative Management, Law, and Public Utility Management. It has a doctoral degree awarding units for the second-level discipline of agricultural and rural area development, a professional degree awarding units for the master of public administration,and a master's degree awarding units for the first-level discipline of public administration. And there are several teaching practice bases including the MPA Education Center of Shanxi Agricultural University, humanistic quality development center, comprehensive information laboratory, simulated court, literature and reference room. The college has scientific research institutions such as the Center of Research on the Rural Revitalization Strategy, the Center of Research on Agricultural Science and Education development, the Agricultural and Rural Area Development Research Institute, the Rural (Shanxi Merchants) Culture Research Institute, and the Agricultural and Rural rule of Law Research Association. Three scientific research teams were founded to engage in the study of public policy, rural governance and science and education management. Additionally, three teaching teams in Public Administration, Law and Public utilities management were established. The college has 173 graduate students and 1024 undergraduate students.

The College of Public Administration has 59 teaching staff members, including 45 full-time teachers, 3 professors, 17 associate professors, 1 doctoral supervisor and 16 master's supervisors, all of whom have master's or doctoral degrees. The college has 1 national think-tank talent, 2 provincial think-tank talents, 1 provincial master teacher, 1 provincial young and middle-aged core teacher, 1 young and middle-aged top-ranking innovative talent of 131 leading talents project in higher education at the provincial level, 1 provincial "Four Batch" talent and 1 candidate from the provincial "121" innovative talent training project. Professor Wu Yixiong, as the current Dean of the College and the PhD supervisor, is the first high-level talent introduced publicly by Shanxi Agricultural University. The college encourages all teachers to engage in teaching reform and research collaboration. At present, the college has one provincial-level top rated course and three university-level top rated courses. The college has won 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 4 third prizes in the Shanxi Provincial Teaching Basic Skills Competition. Additionally, it has edited or participated in the editing of more than 40 national planning textbooks and published more than 30 academic books and more than 350 academic papers. So far, it has led more than 100 research projects including the key projects of the National Social Science Fund, the general projects of the National Social Science Fund, the "14th Five-Year Plan" Major Project of the Ministry of Education,the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programs of the Ministry of Education, Soft Science Project of the Central Agricultural Office and the Rural Revitalization Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Special Funding Project of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Not only that, the college has won more than 20 awards such as the National Teaching Achievement Award, the Special Award and the First Prize for Provincial and Ministerial Teaching Achievements, the Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Provincial and Ministerial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award. In addition, it has received more than 20 written instructions from national provincial and ministerial leaders.

The college aims to serve students' growth and success, and builds a quality project of humanities and social sciences development. A series of brand-specific activities such as Public Administration Lecture Hall, Lawyers Entering Classroom, "Sunshine Cup" Debate Competition, Moot Court, "Happy Reading" Classics, Humanities Knowledge Competition, and National Constitution Day Publicity, are provided to improve the students' comprehensive quality and professional abilities. All we want to do is to help more and more students explore the power of their youth and pursue their ideals with the wings of perseverance.

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