College of Marxism

The college of Marxism of Shanxi Agricultural University cooperates with the Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory. The college adheres to the work and development idea of "one center, two focal points". “One center” is to run ideological and political courses well; “two focal points” is to improve the comprehensive professional quality of ideological and political teachers and to enhance students' sense of gain from theoretical learning by enhancing their sense of experience. "Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism" is identified as the provincial high-quality shared course, "Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and The Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese characteristics" is the provincial high-quality shared course established by the project. There is 1 provincial research platform entitled "Shanxi New Rural Development Research Center", as well as 3 university-level research platforms: "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era", “Du Runsheng Rural Reform and Development Research Center," and "Rural Grassroots Party Construction Collaborative Innovation Center".  The program has a master's degree authorization point in ideological and political education, and undertakes the teaching of ideological and political education for undergraduates and postgraduates, the training of postgraduates in ideological and political education, as well as the construction of Marxist theory.

The college has excellent educational conditions. The college consists of Introduction to Basic Principles of Marxism, Sinicization of Marxism, Outline of Modern and Contemporary History of China, Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Basis of Law, Situation and Policy, Ideological and Political Theory for Postgraduates, each offered in teaching and research sections, as well as the Department of Ideological and Political Education and Rural Culture Research Section.  The college has 82 faculty members, including 76 full-time ideological and political teachers and more than 20 full-time master supervisors.  At present, professor Li Weichao is the fourth batch of academic leaders in Shanxi Province, and Professor Li Weichao and Professor Wang Yuxiong are the "four batch" talents in shanxi Propaganda culture system.  Three teachers of the college, Wu Xingliang, Zhang Guomin and Wang Wenchang, have been named provincial famous teachers. Professor Wu Xingliang is the national outstanding teacher, the national outstanding Ideological and Political Theory course teacher, the national university ideological and political theory course teaching expert, the Ministry of Education Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Steering Committee of the Basic Principles of Marxism Sub-committee.  Associate Professor Yao Lin, Associate Professor Bai Yafeng, Associate Professor Wang Rui, associate Professor Wu Huijun and other outstanding teachers have been awarded through the provincial Teaching Skills Competition, and young teachers such as Hong Rui and Jing Yujie have been awarded the university's "New Teaching Talent" award and funding. The college has a reading room for classics, a special room for Du Runsheng's rural reform and development, and a research room for postgraduates. It has a collection of more than 7,000 volumes, 35 kinds of major domestic social science periodicals and 14 kinds of audio and video materials. It has built a red education base of "Marxism in Agricultural University".  

The college has solid educational condition. "Introduction to basic Principles of Marxism" is a provincial-level excellent course, "Outline of Modern And Contemporary History of China", "Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis", "Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" are excellent university-level courses.  The college fully implements the party's education policy, gives full play to the role of main channel of education courses, strengthens political, responsibility, and positional conciousnesses, and upholds the bottom line with Khalid Ents as a fundamental tenet, to further promote the new era of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the teaching materials, into the classroom, and in to the minds of students. Our focus is to improve the ideological and political education and teachers education ability as the foundation, strengthen the ideological and political class classroom teaching and practical teaching effectiveness, constantly update the concept of education, and steadily promote the reform of teaching, effectively enhancing the effectiveness of ideological and political class.  The college has undertaken 11 educational reform projects above the provincial level, and has won one of the "first prize of Teaching Achievements in Shanxi Province".  We have implemented the collective lesson preparation system, the three-level trial teaching system for new teachers, and the new teacher mentor system. We have promoted the reform of "class appointment" for teachers, the "3+2" class practice teaching reform, and selected college students as "ideological and political stars." As a result, the quality of teaching has constantly improved.  

The college has rich scientific research achievements. In the long-term practice of running schools, four research directions have been formed: "Ideological and political education of college students", "Basic principles of Marxism and Contemporary Hot issues in China", "Sinicization process of Marxism and Peasant issues", and "Basic problems in Modern China and Cultural exchanges between China and the West".  The college has undertaken 5 national and Ministry of Education research projects such as the National Social Science Fund youth projects, 34 provincial research projects such as Shanxi Provincial Philosophy and Social Science planning projects.  Our college has published 298 papers in various domestic academic journals, including 16 in core journals and 14 in CSSCI. Our faculty have edited or participated in editing 4 textbooks and have written 4 monographs.  We have won one third prize in Shanxi Social Science Outstanding Achievements, two excellency awards, and two third prizes in Shanxi Federation of Social Science "Hundred Sections (papers) Project".  The college has held 12 academic reports by external experts, and invited a number of well-known domestic scholars to our school for exchange. We have hosted the annual meeting of the "Principles" Sub-Committee of the Steering Committee of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education, the special seminar on institutional Construction of National higher Agriculture and Forestry Colleges, and the academic seminar on "Lenin's Party Building Thought and Comprehensively Enforcing Strict Party Governance".  The school gives full play to its talent advantages and carries out various kinds of publicity and field study activities. The annual publicity and lectures are more than 5,000 appearances, which are widely reported by CCTV news, People's Daily, and other media.  

The office of the college is located in Han's Building, which is a building under national key cultural relic protection. “Hanru Lights” is one of the eight sceneries of Myeonghyun School, which is a popular and charming destination.  Here, we embody the mantra that hard work and struggle are necessary to achieve life and dreams.  In the new era and at a new historical starting point, the College adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and comprehensively implements the Opinions on Deepening the Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities in the New Era and the Regulations on the Construction of Ideological and Political Theory Teachers in Colleges and Universities in the New Era.  We will fully implement the spirit of general Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the forum for teachers of ideological and political theory courses within our school, and strive to make greater contributions to training new people of the time to shoulder the great responsibility of national rejuvenation. In the new era, Hanrou has more vitality, magnificant scenery, and more exciting stories to offer!  (Statistics as of October 2021)  

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