College of Life Sciences

The College of Life Sciences was established in 2001. In April 2008, the Crop Ecological Environment Safety Supervision, Inspection, and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China (Taiyuan) settled in our institution. In 2017, it became the technical support unit of the national traditional Chinese medicine industry technology system. In October 2019, Shanxi Agricultural University and Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly reformed. The College of Life Sciences was integrated with the Biotechnology Research Center of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences to establish a new College of Life Sciences. At the present, the college has four undergraduate majors: bioscience, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and Chinese traditional medicine resources and development, as well as the first-class discipline authorization unit for a master's degree in biology. In 2020, bioscience won the national first-class professional construction major, and Chinese traditional medicine resources and development won the provincial first-class professional construction major. In 2021, Biotechnology won a first-class professional construction major in Shanxi province. So far, our college has established a complete talent training system for undergraduates and postgraduates.

The talented faculty team is complete and powerful. The college has a faculty team with a reasonable age structure and active academic thought, which undertakes the mission and the task of teaching and educating people, scientific research and innovation, and service to society. So far, on the Taigu teaching campus, there is 71 teaching staff and 50 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 23 associate professors, 20 lecturers, and 1 foreign teacher. Of them, there are 4 doctorate tutors and 27 master tutors. Teachers with senior professional titles account for 60% of full-time teachers. There are 44 doctors, and the rest hold masters degrees. Taiyuan Biotechnology Center has 27 employees, including 2 senior researchers, 7 vice-senior researchers, 8 doctors, 11 masters, 1 doctorate supervisor, and 5 masters supervisors.

Strength in scientific research, and a powerful academic atmosphere. Relying on better scientific research conditions and technical support platforms, our college has focused on the construction of scientific research and innovation, obtained a series of scientific research achievements, and continuously improved its scientific research and innovation abilities. More than 160 scientific research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation with a total fund of more than 23 million yuan, have been approved for our college in the past five years. More than 310 scientific publications, including 90 SCI papers, have been published by our faculty. We obtained 4 awards at all levels, 47 scientific research achievements, 7 provincial approved varieties, 4 registered varieties, 1 new plant variety right, and 34 invention patents in our college.

Comprehensive infrastructure with superior conditions for learning. The Taigu teaching campus of the College has a total construction area of 4500m2, with 25 laboratories totaling 3300m2 and modern biological experimental instruments and equipment worth more than 10 million yuan. The construction area of Taiyuan Biotechnology Center is 3462.59m2, including 1689.06m2 of laboratory area, more than 40 mu of experimental field, and many experimental instruments worth more than 13 million yuan.

Enhance morality, foster talents, and achieve fruitful results. Our college focuses on developing complex talents in student ethics, intelligence, sports, aesthetics, and labor.    It has made remarkable achievements in social practice and in college students' extracurricular academic, scientific, and technological work competitions. We obtained more than ten awards at the provincial and higher level.   Our students were commended by our university many times. Liu Xiaoqiong has won the "star of self-improvement of college students in 2017", and Wang Xiaowen has won the "squadron Award" of the Combined Honor Guard of the People's Liberation Army. In the past five years, 1571 students obtained their bachelor's degrees, and 77  postgraduates gained their master's degrees. Our graduates were welcomed by their employers. The Average Employment Rate of graduate students is above 85%.  The Postgraduate Entrance Examination Rate (PEER) has maintained an upward trend in the past five years, and the PEER was 34% in 2020.

Faculty and students in our college take advantage of the combination of university and research institute, adhering to the college motto of "Virtue, Erudition, Thinking, and Progress". We will make progress, pioneer, and innovate. Our goal is to create a solid academic atmosphere and excellent cultural environment to cultivate more high-level life science talents for our country, and to strive for the goal of creating a domestic famous and influential high-level College of Life Sciences in Shanxi province.

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