College of Grassland Science

The field of grassland science has a long history at Shanxi Agricultural University. The Pasture Group was established by Department of Animal Husbandry in 1954. The College of Grassland Science was established in 2020, including four departments, Department of Grassland Ecology,Department of Forage Production, Shanxi Forage Industry Engineering Technology Research Center and the Experimental Teaching Center. Our undergraduate major in grassland science has been approved as National First-class Construction Professional Point and Shanxi Province First-class Construction Professional Point. The subject of grassland science is available for First-level doctoral degree authorization, but we also offer a master’s degree for agronomy and seed industry.

Professor Nan Zhibiao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the academic dean. Currently, The college has 52 teaching staff, including 9 professors and 15 associate professors, 6 doctoral supervisors, 14 master supervisors, with 90% of the teaching staff possess doctoral degrees. There is 1 chief scientist of the national "973" program, 1 outstanding teacher of national forestry and grassland teaching, 1 academic and technical leader of Shanxi Province, 1 emerging leading talent of Shanxi Province, 1 chief scientist of Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System of Shanxi Province, 14 post experts, and 5 talents of "Jinnong Rookie" of Shanxi Agricultural University. There are 391 students in the college, including 276 undergraduates and 115 graduate students. Virtue and Career, Honesty and Learning were adhered to as part of the college culture. The goal of the college is to cultivate compound application-oriented and innovative talents with firm ideals and beliefs, a strong sense of social responsibility, and the "three rural feelings". The college will continue to improve the teaching and scientific research platform and cultivate professional talents who can work in related departments such as forestry and grassland, agriculture and so on.

There are 11 provincial and ministerial platforms including Key Laboratory of Forage Efficient Production Mode Innovation(Shanxi) of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of P. R. China, Key Laboratory of Grassland Ecological Protection and Innovation of Native Grass Germplasm Resources of Shanxi Province, the Observation and Research Station of Grassland Ecosystem Positioning of the Loess Plateau in Youyu Shanxi of National Forestry and Grassland Administration, the National Forage Germplasm Resources Garden (Taigu) of  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Grass Variety Regional Experimental Station (Taigu)” of National Forestry and Grassland Administration, National Forage Variety Regional Experimental Station (Yuci)” of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Comprehensive Experimental Station for National Forage Industry Technology System, Grass Breeding and Ecological Restoration of Degraded Grassland and Utilization of Shanxi Science and Technology Innovation team, Forage Industry of Shanxi Engineering Technology Research Center, Grass Industry Engineering Research Center of Agro-Pastoral Zone in Northern China for “1331 Project” of Shanxi Province, and Grassland Science Graduate Education Innovation Center of Shanxi Province. It has a total laboratory area of about 2,000 square meters, and the total value of experimental instruments is more than 20 million yuan. In the past five years, it has undertaken more than 50 scientific research projects at all levels with a budget of nearly 25 million yuan, including 11 projects were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The projects have won 1 second prize of National science and Technology Progress award, and 3 second prizes of Shanxi Province Science and Technology Progress award for the college. The college has selected and bred 3 varieties of national grass for cultivation and 3 varieties of national regional experiment. It published 4 national patents, 21 local standards, and more than 300 papers including more than 40 SCI and EI journal papers and participated in editing 15 books as the chief editor and deputy editor.

The college implements the fundamental task of “foster virtue through education”, in which we take it as our mission to cultivate talents who make agriculture stronger and more prosperous and love agriculture, establish the work idea of "undergraduate teaching as the center, discipline construction as the leader, scientific research as the support, and social service as the contribution", actively carry out the reform and practice of the "3+4+7" talent training model, and continue to cultivate talents for the development of green China, the protection and construction of grassland ecology, the development of grassland and animal husbandry, and the landscaping of urban and rural lawns.

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