College of Food Science and Engineering

The College of Food Science and Engineering of Shanxi Agricultural University was founded in 1984 as "Department of Food Science of Shanxi Agricultural University".  The College includes the Department of Food Science and Engineering, Department of Food Quality and Safety, Department of Bioengineering, Department of Viticulture and Oenology, Agricultural Products Preservation Technology Research Center, Cold Chain Logistics Equipment Technology Research Center, and the Food Nutrition and Safety Testing Research Center and Laboratory Management Center.  

The College currently has a total of 102 faculty, including 14 professors and senior researchers, 32 associate professors and junior researchers, and 42 other post-doctoral faculty. Currently, the College enrolls 1621 students, including 1402 undergraduates and 219 master’s students.

Our college is qualified for level-I master's degree programs for Food Science and Engineering and 2 professional master degree programs in Master of Agriculture (Food Processing and Safety) and Biology and Medicine (Food Engineering). The College owns National Functional Coarse Grain Processing Technology Innovation Center, Shanxi Key Construction Discipline and Key Construction Laboratory for Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Engineering, Shanxi Experiment Education Center for Food Science and Safety, Graduate Education Innovation Center for Agricultural and Livestock Products Processing, Collaborative Innovation Center of Advancing Quality and Efficiency of Loess Plateau Edible Fungi, Shanxi Engineering Research Center of Edible Fungi, Shanxi Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Edible Fungi Industry, Shanxi Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Mature Vinegar Industry, and Shanxi Scientific and Technological Innovation Key Team of Edible Fungi. At present, the College has become a research and applied engineering college with Shanxi specific characteristics and great emphasis on the integration of industry and education.  

Our distinguishing awards and faculty include one National University “Huang Da Nian Shi” Faculty Group, one National Techers’ Moral Model, one National Advanced Workers, one winner of National May 1 Labor Medal, one winner of National Poverty Alleviation Innovation Prize, one Nominees award for National Moral Model, one National Dedication Man, one Shanxi Famous Teacher, three Shanxi “131” Engineering Talents, one Chief Expert of Shanxi Modern Agricultural Industrial System, two Deputy Chief Experts of Shanxi Modern Agricultural Industrial System, nine Experts of Shanxi Modern Agricultural Industrial System, and one Young and Middle-aged Outstanding Innovative Talent from Colleges and Universities in Shanxi.

Based on "Healthy China" and rural revitalization strategy, the College undertakes more than 180 research projects sponsored by National 12th Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Support, National 863 Program, National Spark Program, Nation Science Foundation Project, Shanxi Coal-based Major Industry Project, Shanxi Agricultural Specialty Science and Technology Innovation Project, and more than 100 Horizontal Cooperation Projects. The College has obtained 8 Provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Progress Awards, 8 Shanxi Teaching Achievement Awards. Meanwhile, 60 national plan textbooks, 10 books and a large number high level papers have been published.

The College consists of five undergraduate majors: Food Science and Engineering, Bioengineering, Food Quality and Safety, Bioengineering, Viticulture and Oenology, and Edible Fungi Science and Engineering. With the goal of cultivating inter-disciplinary application-oriented talents, the College pays attention to theoretical education and practical activity. Through cognitive practice, on-site practice, and scientific research training, the comprehensive quality of students has been improved and the teaching achievement “lead ‘ox muzzle’ of labor education” was selected as “2021 typical labor education cases in primary and middle schools and university” by Shanxi Education Department.

There are 4 supervisors for doctoral students, and 47 supervisors for master students. By focusing on the national strategy and highlighting the advantages and characteristics of Shanxi, the College mainly focus on the research of Processing and Storage of Agriculture Products, Edible Fungi Science and Engineering, Cereals Oil and Vegetable Protein Engineering, and food nutrition. In the field of talent cultivation, scientific research and social services, the college keeps in the frontier compared with other similar colleges and clearly characterized by laboratory construction, Innovation Platform Construction, and Industry-University-Research Institution cooperation construction etc.

Since 1984, the College has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents with excellent morals and academic skills for the society, including more than 5500 undergraduates and 1000 graduates, and many of them have become the backbone of national and provincial relevant fields.

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