College of Economics and Management

The Shanxi Agricultural University College of Economics and Management is the predominantly agricultural economic research and teaching research institute in Shanxi Province. After the October 2019 reform,  our offices are a combine the comprehensive economic strength of both the former college of Shanxi agricultural university economic management and Shanxi Province academy of agricultural sciences institute of agricultural resources. At present, the college has two campuses: Taiyuan Longcheng Campus and Jinzhong Taigu Campus.

In terms of teaching, the college has five undergraduate majors: Agricultural and Forestry Economic Management, Rural Regional Development, Marketing, International Economics and Trade, and Logistics Management.The college has one master's degree authorization center in the first-level discipline of Agriculture and Forestry Economics and management, and two master's degree authorization centers in agriculture specialty. In terms of scientific research, the college has nine research departments: Agricultural economy Department, Regional Economy Department, Agricultural Planning and Design Department, Agricultural Resources and Regionalization Department, Agricultural technology and Economy Department, Land Resources Department, Ecological agriculture Department, Facility Horticulture Department, and Edible Fungi Department. There are 135 faculty members, including 63 senior professional titles, and 1447 students. In recent years, the college has published more than 10 books on agricultural economics, won more than 30 scientific and technological awards, more than 10 invention patents, and more than 10 varieties recognized. The College provides macroscopic, guiding, and strategic theoretical support, as well as decision-making reference for the development of modern agriculture in the province. It is an important think tank of the provincial government and agriculture-related departments at all levels, as well as an important research force and talent training base in the field of agricultural economy in the province.

In recent years, the college has undertaken more than 100 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, with a total funding of more than 15 million yuan, and published more than 20 books, and over 300 papers, including more than 80 papers in core journals. More than 20 national patents have been authorized, and 15 new varieties have been approved for national registration. These research achievements have won many awards, such as national and Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, Shanxi Provincial Social Science Research Outstanding Achievement, and the Shanxi Provincial Public management Outstanding Scientific research achievement. In 2020, Yao Jianmin won the second National Innovation Excellence Award, becoming the first scientific and technological worker in Shanxi Province to win this award.

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