College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture of Shanxi Agricultural University was founded in 1928. After nearly a hundred years of courageous exploration, it has accumulated a heritage of working hard and serving the cause of agriculture; after nearly a century of perseverant diligence, it has tempered the spirit of truth-seeking and innovation. Inspired by well-known experts at home and abroad such as Wang Shou, Lv Shilin, Li Huanzhang, Miao Guoyuan, etc., the college upholds the precious tradition of being "dedicated to teaching and rigorous studies, focused on practice, with a willingness to contribute", and has achieved fruitful results, cultivating a large number of excellent professionals for various industries. In 2020, in the context of the reform of the joint office, the new College of Agriculture set sail by combination of the old College of Agriculture and the former Crop Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The college has 6 internal institutions: the Office of Party and Administration Affairs, the Youth League Sub-Committee, the Section of Educational Affairs, the Section of Scientific Research and Service, Section of Personnel, and Section of Finance and Assets. The college embraces 5 departments including Agronomy, Genetics and Breeding, Functional Agriculture, Seed Science, and Plant Science. It also possesses 9 laboratories including the Maize, Wheat, Millet, Minor Cereals, Rice, Crop Genetics, Oil and Cash Crop, Soybean, and Physiology and Cultivation. Laboratories There are 241 faculty members, including 32 doctoral supervisors, 22 professors, 17 researchers, 39 associate professors, and 37 associate researchers. There are 10 national-level talents and more than 70 provincial and ministerial-level talents. 11 people have been introduced from internationally renowned universities such as the University of California in the US and the University of Nottingham in the UK. Academic Zhang Fusuo of the Chinese Academy of Engineering is hired as the academic dean, and academic Zhao Qiguo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the honorary dean of the Institute of Functional Agriculture. The number of students in the college is 1972, consisting of 1353 undergraduates, 573 master degree candidates, and 46 doctoral candidates.

The college owns doctoral degree authorization points and post-doctoral research stations in the first-level discipline of crop science, 2 second-level doctoral degree programs and 5 master's degree authorization points. The scientific research foundation of the college is solid, possessing a number of provincial and ministerial teaching and research platforms such as the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Plant Production, the Collaborative Innovation Center for High-quality and Efficient Production of Characteristic Crops on the Loess Plateau Mutually Constructed by Province and Ministry, the National Center for Functional Minor Cereal Technology Innovation, and the Scientific Observation and Experimental Station for Crop Cultivation and Cultivated Land Conservation in the Loess Plateau of North China. It also has 5 key laboratories, comprehensive experimental buildings, modern multi-span greenhouses and other facilities, and the experimental field covers an area of more than 50 hectares. The college undertook more than 300 national, provincial and ministerial projects, more than 50 appraisal achievements, and received more than 30 provincial and ministerial awards.

For nearly a hundred years of development, the college has formed a multi-level education system composed of undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees. In the college, there are 4 undergraduate majors (directions): Agronomy, Agronomy (Functional Agriculture), Seed Science and Engineering, and Smart Agriculture. There is 1 undergraduate-master coherence class and 1 state-funded agricultural student class. The major of Agronomy is the construction point of the National First-class Majors, the National Characteristic Major, the Provincial Brand Major and Advantageous Major. The major of Seed Science and Engineering is one of the Provincial First-class Majors.

Achievements of jobs on masses and groups are remarkable in the college. The branch union of the college won the honorary title of "Worker Pioneer" of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports System of Shanxi Province in 2019 and the honorary title of "Model Workers' Small Family" of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports System of Shanxi Province in 2021. The Youth League Sub-Committee of the college won honorary titles such as “Provincial May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch”, and jobs of Youth League has been listed on the top in the university for many years. An innovation and entrepreneurship park for college students was constructed by the college, and a large number of entrepreneurial models such as “Stars of College Students on Self-improvement” Ma Hongjun, Jin Yonggui, Huang Chao, and Wang Dongming have emerged, reported by Xinhua News Agency and many other media.

At present, the new journey of building a modern socialist country in a comprehensive way and marching towards the second centenary goal has begun. A new journey, new mission, and new atmosphere inspire the whole college to dream of setting sail and uniting our strength. We will actively practice the concept of New Development, open up new development patterns, strive to achieve new performances, new accomplishments, and promote the high-quality development of the college! To prosperous years and responding to the call for a great era!

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