College of Agricultural Engineering

The Academy of Agricultural Engineering of Shanxi Agricultural University has a long history. Its predecessor was the Engineering Department established by Mingxian College in 1931. In 1951, Shanxi Provincial People's Government took over the Mingxian College and formally established Shanxi Agricultural College, since then the teaching and research section of agricultural mechanization has been set up. In 1979, Shanxi Agricultural College and Dazhai Agricultural College merged into Shanxi Agricultural University, under which the Agricultural Machinery Department was established. In 1994, it was integrated into the Department of Agricultural Engineering. In 2000, it was integrated into the Academy of Engineering and Technology. In 2009, the Academy of Engineering and Technology was renamed the Academy of Engineering. In 2020, the Academy of Engineering was renamed the Academy of Agricultural Engineering.

After years of discipline professional construction and development, the academy has built a multi-level talent training system integrating undergraduate, master and doctoral education. Now it has a master and doctorate degree authorization point in the first level discipline of agricultural engineering, two professional master authorization points in master of agriculture and master of machinery, and a post doctoral research station in agricultural engineering. It has five undergraduate majors: agricultural mechanization and automation, agricultural electrification, electrical engineering and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, and vehicle engineering. The Agricultural mechanization and automation discipline has been awarded a provincial brand discipline, a provincial characteristic discipline, and a provincial first-class undergraduate discipline construction site and national first-class undergraduate discipline construction site. Agricultural electrification has been approved as a provincial first-class undergraduate discipline construction site.

The academy has scientific and educational platforms such as Shanxi Key Laboratory of "Key Technology and Equipment of Dryland Agricultural Machinery", Shanxi experimental teaching demonstration center of "Agricultural Engineering", Shanxi Graduate Education Innovation Center of "Agricultural Mechanization". The academy has inside-school teaching and practicing bases such as the Metalworking practice center, the agricultural machinery laboratory, the mechanical design laboratory, and the Dongyang experimental demonstration base. It also has outside-school teaching and practicing bases such as Luoyang Yituo Group, Taiyuan No. 1 Thermal Power Plant, Pingyao Reducer Co., Ltd. Company, and Shanxi Geely Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

The academy now has 94 faculty members, including 72 full-time teachers, 1 foreign teacher and 22 management and teaching assistants. There are 9 professors, 16 associate professors and 10 doctoral supervisors, 33 master supervisors among the full-time teachers. Zhao Chunjiang, an academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is specially appointed as the academic dean and doctoral supervisor of our school. It also has 1 national model teacher, 1 scientist of national oat and buckwheat industrial systems, and 2 experts with outstanding contributions to the revitalization of Shanxi Province in science and education. In the last 5 years, the academy has undertaken more than 90 national and provincial scientific research projects, published more than 260 academic papers in which more than 100 papers are included in SCI and EI, published more than 20 monographs and textbooks, authorized more than 110 authorized patents, utility models and software works, and won 12 scientific research achievements and provincial and ministerial awards.

The academy has more than 150 doctoral and master students (including 1 international student) and more than 1800 undergraduates. The employment rate of graduates ranks among the top of the school and has won the title of "Advanced Unit of Student Employment" for many consecutive years.

The academy takes responsibility for strengthening and rejuvenating agriculture. With a focus on the general goal of building a "high-level research and application-oriented university with domestic first-class, internationally influential and distinctive regional characteristics", it implements the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating students, insists on taking the personnel cultivation as its core, focuses on discipline construction, promotes the connotation and characteristic development of education and teaching continuously, optimizes and adjusts the discipline direction and professional structure constantly, gives full play to the leading role of discipline construction and scientific research, continues to improve teaching methods, scientific research and social service capabilities, and strives to create a new situation in the academy of agricultural engineering.

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