About SXAU

The Logistic Affairs & Security Department is responsible for the infrastructure management, logistic affairs and security of Shanxi Agricultural University (SXAU). According to the "major department reform", the department was restructured in 2020 and there are 17 sections now: General Office, Apartment Management Center, Catering Services Center, Property Management Center, Campus Management Center, Network Maintenance Center, Power Management Section, Water Supply and Heating Management Section, Automotive Service Center, Infrastructure Construction Section, Security Section, Fire Section, Household Registration Administration Section, Comprehensive Treatment Office, Cultural Relics Protection and Campus Restoration Section (Agency of Cultural Relics Protection), Civil Air Defense and Army Support Office, School Hospital, Information Construction and Management Office. There are 199 formal employees, including 12 top leaders, 48 middle level leaders and 51 administrative staff among which there are 43 people have professional and technical title and 17 ones have senior professional title.

The main functions the Department includes: infrastructure construction and maintenance project management, campus environment construction and management, informatization construction, planning, management, supervision, operation and maintenance of school network and basic applied platform, specifically, supervision and management of public security, transportation, fire control, large-scale campus activities and other safety, food supply and the supervision of restaurant operators on two campuses, community preventive health care, health education and basic medical services, moreover, management and use of government cars, student accommodation management and supervision of the property companies on two campuses, affairs of civil air defense and army support, co-construction of local district and school, household registration management, mail room management and so on.

The Department has always firmly established the "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" development concepts. Aiming of "gradually meeting the teachers and students’ growing needs of more diversified and personalized services for a better campus life", the department comprehensively enhance the logistics support service capacity, take institutional innovation as driving force, improve the overall quality of the staff, keep principle in mind, constantly raise the ability of management, problem solving and emergency response, advance the construction of team, system, culture, corruption combat, facilitate the reform of commercialization steadily, plan campus construction appropriately and accelerate campus construction so as to promote the logistics services and campus safety management, satisfy the demand of education, research and society and guarantee a better campus life for teachers and students.

New era, new journey. The Department will continue to promote the modernization of the governance system and governance capacity, take moral education as our fundamental task, keep pace with the times, and provide a solid guarantee for the university to build itself into a“domestically first-class, internationally influential and regionally distinctive high-level research and application-oriented university”.

Address:Taigu, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, China

Liaison:Du Huihui



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