About SXAU

The Graduate School of Shanxi Agricultural University (SXAU) was renamed in 2014. There are 6 sections including General Office, Graduate Admissions Office, Graduate Cultivation Office, Quality Assurance and Supervision Office, Discipline Construction Office and the Degree Office, which are responsible for graduate enrollment, cultivation, discipline construction, degree awarding, quality supervision and daily education management.

At the same time, Graduate Management Office which is subordinated to Graduate Affairs Section of the Party Committee of SXAU, is responsible for the ideological and political education of graduate students.

SXAU adheres to ensuring that education performs its fundamental mission of fostering virtue, paying attention to the integration of science, industrialization and education, and giving full play to the advantages of school-academic co-sponsorship, taking the "double first-class" construction and the graduate education reform in the new era as an opportunity, improving management mechanism, continuously promoting the construction and development of first-class disciplines and high-quality graduate education, so as to provide strong support for the construction of “domestically first-class, internationally influential and regionally distinctive high-level research and application-oriented university”.

Address:Taigu, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, China

Liaison:The Discipline Construction Office Li Yinghui



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