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The General Office of the Party Committee & Administration is a comprehensive office under the leadership of the university CPC committee and university (academy) administrative leaders, which is in charge of the following functions: organization and coordination, official document processing, communications, supervision and oversight, information disclosure, complaint correspondence, maintenance, legal affairs, confidentiality, and organization of important conferences and activities.

The General Affairs Section is in charge of organizing and coordinating important activities and conferences. It is also in charge of the seals of university CPC and administration, the signatures(name seals) of university leaders, and the office seal of the Party and Administration Office. This section also provides management of the Legal Person Certificate of the university, university-level reception, publishing and distributing of documents,  management of the Service Hall for faculties and students, and office security management.  

The Administration Section is in charge of drafting comprehensive work reports, planning, and summarizing rules and regulations. It also organizes, records and summarizes the office meeting of the president. It also provides service for research and executive leaders.

The Secretary Section is in charge of processing official documents and filing of both Party committee and the university (academy). It also manages the OA administrative system for the campus website.

The Complaint correspondence and safeguard stabilization Section is in charge of reception and handling complaints, correspondence, visiting with the public and issuing letters of introduction. It also assist the leaders of the university (academy) to deal with incidents and important events. It is in charge of coordinating safeguard stabilization of the university (academy) and reporting important safety information to the higher level institutions.  

The Evaluation and Supervision Section is in charge of planning, coordinating and promoting the implementation of higher level institution documents, conferences, directives, speeches of leaders, and key decisions of the university(academy). It also is in charge of supervising resolutions, decisions, key policies, key tasks and comments of the leaders of the university(academy). This section is in charge of assessing key objectives and tasks yearly. And it also guides and carries out supervision and inspection of relative works of secondary institutes.  

Institutions attached to the General office:

The Archive is in charge of file management and directing archive work of institutes of the university.

The Legal Office plans and promotes work related to legal  regulations at the university(academy). It is responsible for the employment of legal counselors for the university (academy) and legal review of regulations, rules and contracts. It is also responsible for official seal graving for departments and institutes and identification management of the university name, the school emblem, domain name and special seal for contract.  

Address:Taigu, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, China

Liaison:Secretarial Zhang Liyuan



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