About SXAU

The Student Affairs Department is responsible for ideological and political education, management&services, recruitment, employment, military training and enlistment of undergraduates. The specific responsibilities are as follows:

1. Be responsible for ideological, political, safety, law and code of conduct education of undergraduates, mainly on holding lofty ideals and being firm in their convictions, strengthening patriotism, nurturing healthy customs on campus, promoting safety and stability, cultivating fine traditions and habits, guiding students to develop a correct worldview, outlook on life and value, cultivating and fulfilling core socialist values, regularly carrying out research on the mental health of students and the ideological and political education.

2. Be responsible for the preparation of undergraduates enrollment plan and regulations in accordance with the national and local guidelines, policies and regulations. Be in charge of consultation of enrollment publicity and carrying out the ordinary undergraduate enrollment, including holding some other special types of recruitment, such as high-level sports team member recruitment and completing the data statistics, reporting, filing and research, etc.

3. Be responsible for carrying out the daily management and service of undergraduates, coordinating with relevant departments to carry out the key work such as freshman entrance education as well as graduate leaving education.

4. Be responsible for the cultivation, education, training and management of the assistant, carrying out theoretical learning and professional training, conducting work assessment and outstanding assistant selection.

5. Be responsible for building and improving the financial aid system for students with financial difficulties, providing assistance for students with financial difficulties, organizing various kinds of awards, assistance, loans, subsidies, reductions and exemptions for undergraduates, implementing the assessment and distribution of national awards and grants, national student loans and social subsidies, taking charge of application, management and services of part-time job on campus for undergraduates.

6. Be responsible for the psychological health education of undergraduates and running of the Mental Health Center, psychological education and publicity, general survey of mental health, psychological consultation, group consultation and other works of undergraduates.

7. Be responsible for the employment guidance, education, service and employment dispatch of undergraduates, organizing and carrying out career planning and employment guidance, holding employment lectures and reports, marketing of graduates employment, collecting and releasing employment information, organizing employment policy consultation, vocational training and job fairs. Be responsible for summarizing the source statistics of graduates, qualification examination, report of employment information and the management and review of graduate employment agreements.

8. Be responsible for military training and enlistment of undergraduates, including organizing military training, military theoretical education and conducting enlistment and reserves management.

9. Be responsible for the assessment and awarding of the undergraduates, including enrollment, employment, ideological and political education, student management, etc.

10. Completing other works.

Address:Taigu, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, China

Liaison:Jia Haoyu



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