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The Department of Social Service (hereinafter referred to as the Department) is the functional department in charge of the university’s social service and management. Under the leadership of the president and the vice-president in charge, it is fully responsible for technical service, university-local cooperation, commercialization of scientific and research findings, the integration of the Agricultural Valley, the University Town and research institutes, and also serves as the office of the Institute of New Rural Development. The Department consists of six functional sections including Office of General Affairs, Section of Demonstration and Promotion, Section of University-local Cooperation, Section of Technical Service and Section of Valley-town-institute Integration. The main responsibilities of the Department involve the following 13 aspects:

1. It is fully responsible for the university’s social service work, and coordinates the resources to contribute to local economic and social development.

2. It provides strong support for the university's talent cultivation, scientific research, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international exchanges and cooperation.

3. It organizes the formulation and revision of the relevant rules and regulations for social service work, and is responsible for the follow-up promotion, implementation, inspection and assessment of the rules and regulations.

4. It is responsible for the year-end assessment work for social service of all units in the university.

5. It is responsible for the declaration, management, assessment and other work of social service projects.

6. It is responsible for the commercialization of scientific and technological findings of the university.

7. It proactively strives for horizontal cooperation projects with all levels of government and social enterprises.

8. It coordinates with the university to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, and provides project support for the assisted villages in need of help.

9. It actively participates in the service work of rural revitalization, especially contributes to the construction of rural revitalization demonstration villages.

10. It is responsible for the coordination with the National High-tech Agricultural Demonstration Zones in Jinzhong and relevant departments of Shanxi Agricultural Valley, and is also responsible for the construction of Sci-tech Innovation City of the Agricultural Valley.

11. It is responsible for the work of Research Institute for New Rural Development.

12. It helps to conduct the recommendation, assessment and recruitment of professors who specialize in promotion, application and social service.

13. It completes other tasks assigned by the university.

Address:Taigu, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, China

Liaison:Chen Jie



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