About SXAU

I. Department function  

It is the functional department in charge of scientific and technological research and technological innovation capacity building, mainly including science and technology policy formulation, science and technology planning layout, science and technology project organization, scientific research activities organization and management.

Main responsibilities:  

1. Responsible for the development planning of scientific research, organization and management of scientific research and academic activities of the university (college), guide, coordinate and supervise the implementation of scientific research plans of all the subordinate departments. In charge of the research performance assessment of the university (college).

2. In charge of the demonstration and application of all kinds of scientific research projects, supervision and inspection of the organization and implementation of research projects, review and application of projects that have completed the research tasks.  To organize and coordinate the implementation of major research projects of inter-university, interdisciplinary, inter-university and international.  

3. In charge of the examination and recognition of scientific research achievements, and organizing the application of national patents and awards for scientific research achievements at or above the provincial level.  

4. In charge of the construction and management of scientific research bases of national and provincial key laboratories and other basic platforms.  

5. In charge of the university (college) to participate in various academic exchange activities of both domestic and overseas, and explore foreign channels of scientific and technological exchange.  

6. Undertake the related work of academic committees, coordinate the work of academic committees of the subordinate departments units, and undertake the reporting and investigation of academic misconduct.  

7. In charge of the editing, publishing and distribution of Journal of Shanxi Agricultural University (Natural Science Edition), Journal of Shanxi Agricultural University (Social Science Edition), Shanxi Agricultural Science and Rural Development Research, and co-organizing Journal of North China Agricultural.

8. In charge of the management of various academic societies, associations and other academic organizations affiliated to the university.  

9. In charge of the guidance, supervision and inspection of the related work of the second tier departments.  

10. Implement the responsibility system of party conduct and clean government construction and safety management of the department, and complete other tasks assigned by the University Party Committee and the university (College) administration.

II. Department leaders  

Minister: Yang Wancang  

Vice-ministers: Zhang Jingzhong, Zhao Yun, Sun Meihong, Wen Yongfeng  

Ⅲ. Department setting  

1. Internal mechanism

Involving integrated office, platform team management section, natural science studying management section ,social science studying management section, intellectual property management section, achievements and rewards management section and test site management section, industry-university-research management center, academic exchange center, scientific research fund management center, “Dongyang” site management center, “Nanfan” site management center, crop variety area testing center, editorial office of Journal of Shanxi Agricultural University (natural science edition), editorial office of Journal of Shanxi Agricultural University (social science edition), editorial office of Shanxi Agricultural Sciences, editorial office of Rural Development Research, editorial office of New Media, journal publishing center.  

2. Affiliated institutions  

Laboratory animal management center, crop phenotypic center.

Address:Taigu, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, China

Liaison:Cheng Hui



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