About SXAU

The Department of Development Planning & Cooperation is the functional department of SXAU to conduct research and develop strategic planning, reform policy and domestic &international cooperation. The Department mainly focuses on conducting research, formulating rules and regulations of SXAU, drawing up plans, setting up domestic&international cooperation, introducing and serving overseas talents, undertaking foreign affairs and alumni work, etc.

I. Major responsibilities

1. Be responsible for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of rules and regulation and planning for SXAU and all the departments, strengthening the research of policies and regulations, conducting statistical analysis on data and related information for the university development, providing references and basis for decision making.

2. Be responsible for developing domestic &international cooperation by means of organizing and coordinating exchanges between school and locality, school and school, school and enterprise, etc.

3. Be responsible for introduction, management and service of high-level overseas talents, the management and service of academic exchanges conducted by overseas experts at SXAU, the employing, management and service of international teachers, and the recruitment, management and service of international students.

4. Be responsible for setting up exchanges and cooperation with overseas universities and institutes, specially, the exchanges and cooperation of agricultural science and technology with countries along the "Belt and Road" and declaration and holding of international conferences.

5. Be responsible for the selection and management of faculty and staff studying abroad on official duty, the students studying abroad, long and short-term academic and scientific research exchanges on official duty and procedure services for official foreign visit groups.

6. Be responsible for the management of international students and teachers in SXAU, formulation of rules and regulation concerning foreign affairs, confidentiality of foreign affairs and national security work.

7. Be responsible for connecting SXAU alumni working and living across the globe and taking charge of alumni association and the Education Development Foundation.

8. Be responsible for the guidance and supervision of the work of the secondary units.

9. Be responsible for completing other works.

II. Internal Sections

General Office

Reform and Development Section

Policy and Regulation Section

Foreign Experts Management Section

Entry and Exit Management Section

International Education and Exchange Center

Alumni Association Office

Address:Taigu, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, China

Liaison:Overseas Management Section Sui Chao



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