About SXAU

Department of the Academic Affairs is a functional department which is responsible for undergraduate education, basic construction and operation of teaching, etc. There are 9 internal sections, including general office, section of cultivation, section of academic affairs, registrar section, section of examination management, section of teaching quality monitoring, section of textbook, center of teaching and faculty development, experimental teaching center. The Department is mainly responsible for:

1. mastering the dynamic evaluation of teaching of SXAU, guiding and coordinating work of teaching management of all the colleges; constantly updating teaching concept and promoting teaching reform and innovation.

2. formulating and implementing undergraduates’ teaching plan, setting and adjusting the specialties of undergraduates and offering proposal and measure for teaching reform, according to the regulations stipulated by superior education authority

3. formulating and implementing cultivation plan and syllabus of undergraduates.

4. revising the rules and regulations related to the teaching and supervising the implementation.

5. inspecting the work of teaching plan before each semester and organizing curricula-variable, examination, examination analysis and summarizing; making School Calendar, teaching calendar, curriculum and examination schedule and distributing the use of classrooms.

6. organizing the inspection and evaluation of the teaching quality of SXAU and solving the problems.

7. taking charge of daily work of the Undergraduate Teaching Guidance Committee as well as Undergraduate Teaching Steering Committee and coordinating the activities of the teaching information assistants.

8. undertaking the organization, coordination and management of practical teaching of SXAU, formulating plan of experimental teaching and monitoring the teaching quality.

9. organizing the teaching research and reform, undertaking the establishment, application and management of teaching reform projects at all levels and organizing the application and evaluation of teaching research and reform achievements.

10. inspecting the work of registration and performance of undergraduates as well as examining qualifications of graduates and bachelor degree obtaining.

11. leading the organization, demonstration and application of national and provincial teaching projects of undergraduates and the construction and management of the approved projects.

12. constructing of teaching management system of SXAU.

13. taking charge of management and construction of textbooks, formulating and implementing the plan of textbooks, organizing the compilation, approval, publication and exchange of textbooks, ordering, selecting, evaluating and providing textbooks.

14. undertaking the teaching evaluation of undergraduates, collecting and analyzing the basic teaching data, writing and releasing of the teaching quality report.

15. the overall planning, system construction and work plan formulation of teaching development and organization of training and demonstration of teaching so as to improve faculty's professional skills.

16. the work of the experimental teaching center so as to realize the sharing of precision large-scale instruments.

Leaders of the Department

1. Feng Xiaoyan, Director, is in overall charge of all the work.

2. Zhao Zhihong, Deputy Director, is in charge of construction of specialty and curriculum, teaching research, teaching evaluation, etc

3. Wang Jiping, Deputy Director, is in charge of management of registration, academic affairs, practical teaching, examination, construction and services of textbook, etc.

4. Li Qinghong, Deputy Director of the Department and the Center of Teaching and Faculty Development, is in charge of teaching and faculty development, teaching quality monitoring, experimental teaching center, etc.

Address:Taigu, Jinzhong City, Shanxi, China

Liaison:Cao Yi



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